Saturday, October 6, 2007

My new sexy ladies!

Oh my! I am so happy I am jiggling like a samovar on the boiling! (one of ladies had to photo and shop below my waist, she say I jiggles and boils too much!). After all my sadnesses and traitories in the U S of the A, I am at last in sexy heaven! All of these ladies I find when I get home and visit the Kimkins website while on my sister's laptop. (I like my sister's laptop, but she keep push me off, say I too big to sit there now.) I follow the pretty lady photos from Kimkins like a man who is possessing, and I find many nice ladies live near my beloved Kazakhstan! My luck is not a believing!

And now I have many laptops to sit on, very pretty ones, not so bouncy-bouncy like Heidi!

Now I must stop with blogger, I go take sexy fun with new brides, I might not make postings for long time, unless Kazakh law of wedding has change. Thank you dear Kimkins!