Sunday, October 7, 2007

New ownership!

My dear readers of blog,

Borat Does Kimkins is now under new ship of owning. The blog will still be have of entries, and planning of grading ups is almost complete.

The Borat family is growing rapid, and we thank our relations for their enthusiastic jiggy-jiggy. Borats will soon welcome their 1000th second cousin twice removed!

Exciting, eh? New photo sources will be annoncededed as soon as step-uncle Vasily get Kazakh-English dictionary. I will be adviser for Vasily, though, and members who not understand his writttings can email me at He not have English speaking like Borat, so I help him until he get influent in it.

Thanking to everybody who have say nice things about my body, specially the ladies. And some of you men too. I like!