Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kimkin have ban me!

What have I done? A friend tell me there many Auntie Kimkin blogs, and he send me list of all. I go to Kimkin site to tell everybody about them and make all members know of all her relations, make them happy, and what happen, but I suddenly get with log off, and try again, but I get small message that look like dear Heidi no longer want me to be member!

I need ask re-fund, $60 is lot money in Kazakhstan, could buy me small farm with oxes.

I must go, I am distrout diestraucht saddened.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Boratkins cruise!

Hello, Borat here! Vasily can no longer do job, I give him a sack when I find he use most of Kazakh - English dictionary to wipe his bottom, cause by shortage of paper of toilet in village.

But I bring good news! Me and my Russian ladies are book a romantic cruise, and there are lots of spare sleepings on the boat! I extend an inviting to all Boratkins readers to join!

It start on town of Saryshagar, and we sail Lake Balkhash for one of week. Is twin level cruise ship, and is safe, it has no hazzards at all. You will enjoy!

It is only $100 for all week, and I can take your money with so is secure and safe and will not go missing at all.

Please provide own jacket of life.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

i try to affilliate kimkins

i have problem, i need help please. i want make affiliate with kimkins, i at form to fill in typing and it want social security number. it not like when i make in the typing box.

i want affiliate, to get 2000 tenge on a clicks, that enough to get new donkey or cadbury chocolate bar. how i get american number? i have great needing of helps, please leave of a comment if know how i do it.

i greet you

i vasily. i new owner. i greet you all. i have many photo borat and heidi. i like.

Me graphic team.

You like new imagings on blog? We employ team from U S of A to make jpg on new blog, they called "Grafkins". They only seem to make the logos of a "kins" on its end. We may be give them in a sack if they do not show imagination soon.

New ownership!

My dear readers of blog,

Borat Does Kimkins is now under new ship of owning. The blog will still be have of entries, and planning of grading ups is almost complete.

The Borat family is growing rapid, and we thank our relations for their enthusiastic jiggy-jiggy. Borats will soon welcome their 1000th second cousin twice removed!

Exciting, eh? New photo sources will be annoncededed as soon as step-uncle Vasily get Kazakh-English dictionary. I will be adviser for Vasily, though, and members who not understand his writttings can email me at He not have English speaking like Borat, so I help him until he get influent in it.

Thanking to everybody who have say nice things about my body, specially the ladies. And some of you men too. I like!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

My new sexy ladies!

Oh my! I am so happy I am jiggling like a samovar on the boiling! (one of ladies had to photo and shop below my waist, she say I jiggles and boils too much!). After all my sadnesses and traitories in the U S of the A, I am at last in sexy heaven! All of these ladies I find when I get home and visit the Kimkins website while on my sister's laptop. (I like my sister's laptop, but she keep push me off, say I too big to sit there now.) I follow the pretty lady photos from Kimkins like a man who is possessing, and I find many nice ladies live near my beloved Kazakhstan! My luck is not a believing!

And now I have many laptops to sit on, very pretty ones, not so bouncy-bouncy like Heidi!

Now I must stop with blogger, I go take sexy fun with new brides, I might not make postings for long time, unless Kazakh law of wedding has change. Thank you dear Kimkins!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sight Seeing!

Allo! It is I, Borat here. Heidikims and I are on what you say vacation again! I think not the vacation meals are doing so good for her. Borat is sad but she say now she feel better for to be eating again. Sigh. She look now so much like my wife before and I try to escape, but Heidikims sat on my head and I became trapped two days! So I say ok Borat, just close the eyes and picture the skinny lady she was and be happy again. I try. Maybe Borat eat on the Kimkins and get so skinny that Heidikims will leave Borat! She comes, I must hide. Bye bye.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

For many times I have been dreaming of this wummins! We are now together at the beach in Cauliflowornia doing the Kimkins and have sexy time! Seeing as you can in my picture I have lost some fats which makes me a "stuff muffin" my Kimmerkins calls me. No wait, she is hear saying mistake Borat! Oh, I see.. "stud muffin." I would be so lost without her, you see? We are for to be married soon. She does not know that I have the marriage bag with me in my suit of case! There is but slightly one problem. Since eating on the Kimkins, jello has filled in my arms and I cannot lift more than my socks. I have not the energy to make sexy love all night. I distress about this but I will try, how do you say, exorcise? to be strong! I must go. Kimmerkins, she beckons me for to swim again. (I am able to play lifty-lifty games in the water where she is weighing but a fly!)

Hello From Borat!

Hallo from Usibekistan! I have begun for to make blog about sexy diet plan - Kimkins! My beautiful wife had done eating on the Kimkins but she has died now. It is not sad for now I have time to make sexy love with many wimmins! I have made blog to tell you that you too can lose a few fats on the Kimkins but you can also lose your wife and have more love with wimmins! How do you call it - no lose, eh, win but no lose.. no no, forgive my english is no so good, eh, win - win! Yes! Lose fat on ass and lose fat ass wife on the Kimkins! May the God bless you, Kimmer! Call me later, we make sex for long time!

I must go now. My sister is here and she look verrrrry nice after the Kimkins!